Producer & Climber
Ht: 4’11”   //   Ape: +0” 

photo by: Jessica Best

A Toronto native, Midori balances her work as a Registered Nurse in Oncology with climbing as an ambassador for @arcteryxtoronto
Her start in gymnastics gave her a strong launching point in to athletics. For years, the only climbing partners around were men and she felt like every session was a battle against her own body. Be taller, be bigger, be stronger. Climbing with other women, especially with a similar level as her, is extra motivating and has given herself the permission to be proud of the superpowers a female body can bring to climbing.
Working in nursing, while emotionally draining, has also given her a renewed perspective on how she wants to impact others in her life. Climbing has given her community, a love for the outdoors, and an outlet to recharge from work and life.
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